2nd Joint working meeting of the International Steering Committee and the International Scientific Committee of the 2nd International TMM_CH Conference “Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. Rebranding the World in Crisis through Culture”

online in English

94 participants, including representatives of all the EDICULA partners


It was announced that:

  • The following scientific papers on the topics of EDICULA Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership were submitted by the EDICULA partners at the EasyChair TMM_CH 2021 submission platform:
    • Lampropoulos, M. Apostolopoulou, E.Tsilimantou and A. Moropoulou. The grouting process as an innovative tool for the assessment of the state of preservation of the internal structure of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre. (NTUA)
    • Delegou, C. Karapiperis, Z. Hilioti, D. Valasiadis, A. Alexandridou, V. Rihani, M. Kroustalaki, C. Ouzounis, A.S alakidis and A. Moropoulou. Archaeogenomics for the microbiota characterization of the Holy Aedicule, of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. (NTUA – PerpetielSRL)
    • Alexakis, K. Lampropoulos, N. Doulamis, A. Doulamis and A. Moropoulou. Deep learning approach for the identification of structural layers in historic monuments from Ground Penetrating Radar images. (NTUA)
    • Ciccola, I. Serafini, G. Mori, R. Curini, P. Postorino, L. Medeghini and G. Favero. A Whiter Shade of Vase: Discovering the White Colors of Ancient Pottery. (UNIROMA1)
    • Moropoulou, K. Lampropoulos, I. Rallis and A. Doulamis. Scientific Architecture of the educational toolkit of the project EDICULA. (NTUA)
    • Labropoulos, C. Zafeiropoulos, I. Rallis, A. Doulamis, N. Doulamis and A. Moropoulou. An introduction to a framework for the resilience of Cultural Heritage areas against Climate Change. (NTUA)
    • Lobovikov-Katz, A. Moropoulou, A. Konstanti and K. Lampropoulos. Heritage Preservation Education for the General Public – Revisited. (NTUA)
    • Limneos Papakosta. Early Hellenistic marble statue found in Alexandria, Egypt. (HRIAC)
    • Delegou, I. Ntoutsi and A. Moropoulou. In situ Raman Spectroscopy investigation of the architectural surfaces of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. (NTUA)
    • Calzolari, L. Medeghini and S. Mignardi. Blade-like cementitious gels in ancient Roman mortars: an archaeometric study on Aqua Traiana. (UNIROMA1)
    • Asscher and Shai Halevi. Characterizing the Pigments in Wall Paintings: Comparing Portable and Stationary Multiband Remote Sensing Imaging Systems (IAA)
    • Baruch and Uri Basson. Ground Penetrating Radar imaging of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount Jerusalem (IAA)
  • The following panel discussions were approved within TMM_CH Conference in the framework of EDICULA Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership:
    • PANEL DISCUSSION 1: The Holy Sepulchre rehabilitation project: An emblematic source of innovation
    • PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Novel Educational Approach for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Postgraduate Studies, EDICULA Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, et als)