Real world learning regards the acquisition of skills required for the management of complex real-world problems that involve a much larger variety of disciplines. In this context, the EDICULA use-cases acted as the stepping stone for open-minded and constructive thinking that not only designs solutions on the actual cases, but also analyses the overall environment and consequences that might emerge from any potential intervention. Know-how transfer regards the development of a methodological transdisciplinary mentality, as an issues resolution, rather than a duplication of a depository of knowledge.

The EDICULA educational approach evolved from a learning procedure to a teaching activity, focusing on “training the trainers” and change-of-mentality. It highlighted the innovations applied and the transdisciplinary approaches adopted to address the multi-level challenges of elaborate projects of built cultural heritage protection, such as the emblematic Holy Sepulchre rehabilitation, i.e. complex projects which entail challenges that cannot be addressed efficiently without the coordinated involvement of various complementary scientific disciplines.

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