EDICULA Objectives

The objectives of the EDICULA project were:

  • to cultivate cooperation between NTUA and UNIROMA1in the projects of rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule and the underground interventions in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem,
  • to utilize the interdisciplinary and innovative research in the rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule, its context and setting, to trans-cut with the history of architecture in Jerusalem, through cooperation with BEZ and IAA, and promote transdisciplinarity as an educational lever in the protection of monuments, through cooperation with HRIAC,
  • to create advanced educational material and dissemination by using AR, through cooperation with PerpetilSI, to create (i) an educational toolkit and (ii) digital games, in order to promote social responsibility and awareness,
  • to reform the curricula of the three postgraduate programs of the EDICULA partners, in order to exchange good practices and create new courses that in a complimentary approach led to the promotion of a Joint Master Degree in the field of protection of monuments,
  • to develop the EDICULA Teachers’ Course, in order to train higher education teachers to promote the transdisciplinary scientific synthesis as a key element for innovative education,
  • to proceed with the organization of multiplier events, such as (i) hands-on events in Jerusalem and Alexandria, (ii) special conference sessions in Athens,
  • to promote students to a professional and entrepreneurship mentality, by advancing education in collaboration with enterprises concerning technical works and digital applications, and thus enhance learning outcomes to ensure professional qualifications.