EDICULA Innovation

EDICULA is an innovative approach that fuses the interdisciplinary collaboration among the sectors of applied sciences in the protection of monuments with archaeology and theology (for monuments of religious value) using XR technologies, to develop an educational framework to advance scientific transdisciplinary synthesis. The innovation of the EDICULA project is that it emphasizes that this transdisciplinary collaboration can be instrumentalized through education, with the various universal educational tools and the experience from the emblematic Holy Sepulchre restoration acting as common base.

The EDICULA project aimed to set an innovative framework to fill the gap among science, technology and education, for social responsibility and accessibility, through scientific transdisciplinary synthesis using education as a tool to transfer the innovative know-how.

Firstly, EDICULA encompasses the pioneering knowledge obtained by the emblematic rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Secondly, the obtained scientific knowledge was instrumentalized in order to define cross-national educational frameworks. This employed in parallel state-of-the-art technologies such as VR, AR, AI aimed at embedding the innovative knowledge to the beneficiaries’ curricula with reference to its setting and context.