Innovation serves as the enabling factor in successfully and sustainably addressing the challenges in the field of cultural heritage protection. This was amply demonstrated through the scientific and engineering achievements in the project of the Holy Aedicule rehabilitation, where the benefits of the adoption of a holistic approach in achieving the project’s objectives were clearly evident. EDICULA aims to bring to the foreground the ability of Innovation to solve complex and sensitive problems. Innovation produces new knowledge. The challenge is to transfer this new knowledge to the Society, regardless the social and scientific background to comprehend advanced interdisciplinary research results, and the best approach to achieve this is through Education. EDICULA strategic partnership has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.

The panel discussions «The Holy Sepulchre rehabilitation project: An emblematic source of innovation» and «Novel Educational Approach for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage» were held during 2nd TMM_CH International Conference.